The goal of my Action Research is to integrate collaborative learning technologies for humanitarian objectives among my community of practice.

1. Globally, accelerate the rate of change for humanitarian issues such as oppression of women, education of children and environmental protection.
2. Locally, increase my ability as a humanitarian/filmmaker by implementing and utilizing learning technologies in my community of practice.
3. Specifically, evolve my expertise in media technologies such as Video Internet, WordPress Vlogging, HD/DSLR movie-making, & SEO.


The community context for this Action Research is rooted in a constituency of humanitarians, entrepreneurs and media specialists who collectively pursue humanitarian endeavors. Field research location is in Pandytown, Honduras—a microcosm island community ideal for data collection, research, and implementation of various cycles. Other simultaneous locales include Thousand Oaks, CA; Tanzania, Africa; and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.