Cool Water with Scott Eastwood.

“What makes the ocean, makes the man.”

Guinness: MADE OF MORE

Photography by Brian Bielmann (
Filmed by Daren Crawford & Scott Mortensen
Directed by Scott Mortensen.

Huge thanks to Mike Prickett for Production support:

Teahupo’o, Tahiti & Pipeline, Hawaii.


A word from Brian Bielmann:

As an ocean photographer for 30 plus years, I’ve never been satisfied with ‘ordinary’. I’d be out of a job a long time ago if I was. The fact of the matter is that the artist must always search for the new angle, the new mode of communication. Otherwise, you risk losing relevancy. In today’s digital and disposable world, things change so fast people are quick to forget your track record — however amazing that may be. So the real challenge is to be an agent of change: seek with passion, execute with skill and share what you’ve learned.