M. Scott Mortensen, a collegiate athlete and digital media major at UCSD left a production career in Hollywood to pursue firefighting, paramedicine and adventure philanthropy. As an award-winning creative director, writer and producer he has worked on projects covering human trafficking in Thailand, social enterprise in Honduras & Russia, disaster relief in Haiti, clean water initiatives in Africa & cancer research in the United States. Associated expeditions include summiting and shooting from the top of Mt. Everest, paddling from Oahu to Kaua’i, riding a bicycle across the United States and rowing a boat across the Arctic for a Guinness Book of World Records.

With a Master’s degree centered on social entrepreneurship, he has expanded his brand of adventure philanthropy by collaborating with companies such as Nike, ABC, Sundance Channel, Volcom & Warner Bros. among others.

He currently performs professional rescue operations as a Fire Captain and Flight Medic in Alaska.


#1: Life is a miracle.

#2: Make it great.

Pretty simple. And yet those two maxims consume me.