Social entrepreneurship projects for Nike/Transworld/  Top surf phenoms, Carissa Moore, Coco Ho and Monyca Byrne-Wickey get their breasts cast for –a non-profit whose mission eradicates breast cancer through youth outreach, prevention, early detection and support.

Nike Girls Get Their Breasts Done

Casting the breasts of surfing superstars with the Keep-A-Breast foundation.

“To celebrate the release of Nike’s new chick flick, Leave A Message, TransWorld SURF teamed up with Keep A Breast Foundation to get the breasts of four of the film’s stars—Laura Enever, Carissa Moore, Coco Ho, and Monyca Byrne-Wickey—casted in plaster. Keep A Breast’s founder Shaney Jo Darden and her crew of casters have been making plaster casts of famous female breasts for years, and the list of breasts they’ve touched (casted) is incredible. In the surf world, Shaney and company have casted Lisa Andersen, Keala Kennelly, Stephanie Gilmore, Paige Hareb, Sofia Mulanovich, Lee Ann Curren, Claire Bevilacqua, and Megan Abubo, just to name a few. No one on Earth has touched more famous breasts than Keep A Breast, and thankfully, they’re putting all that breast touching and casting to good use. We asked Shaney Jo to give us a little bit more info about Keep A Breast and, more specifically, what it’s like to touch so many amazing breasts.”

TransWorld SURF: How does casting breasts raise money and awareness for breast cancer?

Shaney Jo Darden: We sell these casts at galleries around the world to raise funds for our awareness and prevention programs. The breast casts are the foundation of KAB—they really harness the power of art to communicate complex feelings and thoughts about health, and ultimately about breast cancer. I think people want to purchase them because not only are they beautiful and painted by some of the leading artists of our generation, but they are painted on breasts! What a great way to support a good cause.

Were the Nike girls nervous to have their breasts done?

All the girls were so excited to be a part of Keep A Breast. They look up to a lot of the surfers in the industry and in Hawaii that have volunteered and become ambassadors for Keep A Breast. Carissa was a little shy at first, which is funny because she’s one the best and most famous surfers in the world. But once she met us and learned about the process she was excited to get involved.

The guys here at TransWorld SURF don’t have breasts, but we love them—how can I help Keep A Breast?

You do have breasts! Men get breast cancer, too. Also 20 percent of self-diagnosed cancers are found by the partner, so make sure to love your lady’s breasts too! Also, just by spreading the word on Keep A Breast, volunteering, and being our friend on Facebook.

To learn more about Keep A Breast and to get information about breast cancer testing, go to