Mt. Everest was a collaboration with premiere Canadian guiding company, Peak Freaks.  Our successful summit bid included two rescues in the Death Zone and made international news in Men’s Journal, Outside, Explorer’s Web, etc.  In the end, adventures aren’t about conquering big waves or big mountains.  They’re about braving a journey of the human spirit.

Mt. Everest, 2008: With the Chinese government closing the mountain via armed “snipers” and two harrowing rescues in the Death Zone, this was certainly an adventure to write home about.

I have enduring respect for Tim & Becky Rippel’s Peak Freaks Expeditions and the climbers, sherpas and guides who risked their lives not only for the summit, but to save another climber’s life.

*Side note: Many years ago, I had the opportunity to meet the Dalai Lama and learn firsthand about the struggle for Tibetan self-determination. Speaking out on this issue was also a big part of my climb.


Photography: Scott Mortensen