PA-C: M. Scott Mortensen (UC San Diego, MPAS Loma Linda University, M.Ed. Pepperdine University) is passionate about Internal and Regenerative Medicine. As a Clinical Director with 27 years experience in the medical field he champions whole body health by optimizing labs and delivering autologous technologies such as platelet rich plasma for healing. PA Mortensen specializes in sports medicine, medical weight loss, hormone balancing, anti-aging and telemedicine. Prior to his work as a Clinical Director he was a medical officer and adventure filmmaker who successfully summited Mt. Everest, received a Guinness Book of World Records for rowing across the Arctic Ocean and served underprivileged patients in Honduras, Thailand, Haiti and Mexico. His work experience as a Critical Care Flight Medic, Fire Captain, and Search & Rescue Specialist fuels his present-day passion:

“After decades of emergency response, I’ve learned that prevention is the cure. Optimizing patient health before they are sick is the key to limiting injury, illness and pain.” – M. Scott Mortensen

The following is a portfolio of sorts, documenting his work in his own words.